What Exactly is MyFund?


MyFund is a financial intelligence app (by ValuePlus Inc.) that helps you grow your funds (save) and acquire assets (invest) with ease. With auto-saving, auto-investing, and the ability to grow your funds to the millions, you are able to buy your own assets and manage it for passive income — it’s amazing!


It’s beyond a cooperative. It’s a journey to financial freedom in 5–10 years. You not only grow your funds and acquire assets but you learn what it takes to manage it yourself in the app’s financial intelligence section called the “Wealth Leadership Academy”. This members’ training goes on all year long.

The platform started operations in February, 2018 but officially launched on the 16th of MARCH, 2019. Through the app, members…


  1. Grow your funds to the millions (autosave),
  2. Learn financial intelligence,
  3. Have access to discounted products,
  4. Earn referral bonus from friends referred,
  5. Earn dividends yearly,
  6. Ultimately acquire and manage their investments (in 5–10 years).
Beyond these, you have exclusive access to an intensive & exclusive “Wealth Leadership Academy”


What Differentiates MyFund from other Savings Platform?

The Continuous Training and Education that goes with the Process is what makes MyFund special. It’s why we’re not just a fintech platform but an edufintech platform.
Similar fintech products/services out there are mainly interested in the growth of the users' funds. We, however, understand that there's no true (permanent) change/result without the users' growth. This life-long yearly education that goes along with the programme makes a huge difference in reproducing our achievements in users (and reproducing theirs in others).
1. Financial Education It's not taught at school, at work, at home, in church or mosque. Only the rich pass it on to the kids/successors. MyFund is a financial intelligence app that gives users financial education at the simple cost of being a member.
Financial Progress “Money is discipline!” The average person without a system for financial education and discipline to manage funds for investment isn't making financial progress.
3. Active Investors The most important thing about investing is control. As a user, you get access to Financial Education that gives you the capacity to use your savings to acquire and manage investments (i.e. control over the investment).
You’re given access to your Starter Pack (and enrolled into the Wealth Leadership Academy) once your registration is complete. Do you desire to put a solid plan in place for your children’s fees? A yearly family vacation? Philanthropy? Ministry? You name it?
“All you need is a plan that works and the patience to stick with it until it delivers.”

This is exactly what MyFund is!
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Here are progress reports and success stories from users…

testimonal image

I really want to appreciate what God is using you to do in my life… Ever since I started this saving, things have been working out fine for me. I’m still amazed that I could be saving this kind of money. Will soon increase my savings because God is creating new ideas already…

– Ero Osas Emmanuel

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2. With MyFund, I not only feel I’m making progress financially, I realize that I can achieve financial freedom in less than 10 years if I stick to this plan and work it! Before now, all I wanted was just to make money but now for the first time, I see freedom ahead of me! –

– Seun O.